Our professional setup for your ukulele before delivery
(23 quality inspections)

◯ Proper Setup and Inspection
✅Check intonation
✅Check the height of action 
✅Ensure no string is buzzing
✅Ensure frets are level
✅File any sharp fret edges

◯Inspect the construction of the ukulele 
✅Ensure the ukulele is free of any defects including scratches, dents, discolorations, warping, etc.
✅Ensure the nut slots and bridge provide for even action across the ukulele
✅Ensure the construction of the ukulele is free of gaps and misalignments
✅Check that the fretboard is properly glued onto the neck and body
✅Inspection of any binding on the body and fretboard

◯Inspection of the tuning keys positioning and functionality
✅Ensure all screws are tight and secured to the headstock
✅Ensure all tuning sleeves are straight
✅Ensure that the tuning pegs turn smoothly with no slipping
✅Ensure the strings are properly installed

◯Quality inspection for electric pickup and controls
✅Pickup Sound Check 
✅Check even output for each string
✅Battery test
✅Electric charger test
✅Ensure the jack output is properly installed
✅Tuner, volume, tone and effects test

✅Cosmetic inspection of the outside of the case 
✅Quality check of the soft cloth padding inside of the case
✅Quality check of any zippers or latches

Action Customize
We can customize the string height by sanding the saddle and the nut according customer's request.
Please choose the option when you order a ukulele, and tell us your prefer via e-mail.

The action is adjusted with the height of the saddle.

The action shows the string height on the 12th fret.


  • over 3.0mm: Most players feel the action is too high if it's over 3.0mm.
  • 2.7mm~3.0mm: The high action produces sounds louder then low actions. It's good for loud sound strumming to play lower frets positions.
  • 2.7mm~2.5mm: This medium action is a good balance to play a loud strumming and for picking on high frets.
  • 2.5mm~2.3mm: The low action ukulele is easy to play on any frets, but a sound volume might be soft.
  • under 2.3mm: A lot of ukuleles have buzz noises with too low action.