Welcome to Ukulele Puapua!

Aloha! Welcome to the Ukulele Puapua blog! It’s been awhile since any posts were made here, and we are so excited to be making new posts again. Future posts will discuss new updates to the store such as:

  • NEW products 
  • Incoming events
  • Resources available

Along with providing news and updates to our store, we will also be sharing information on a variety of topics (of course, related to the ‘ukulele), such as:

  • Resources about learning the ukulele
  • Information about various ukulele companies and luthiers
  • History of the ‘ukulele
  • Aspects about the ‘ukulele and ‘ukulele community
  • Other stuff, probably

If anyone has any questions or comments, we would also love to address them here. Mahalo for reading!

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