The KoAloha Ukulele

Introducing KoAloha! -

Continuing our series of looking at some of the top and/or most notable ‘ukulele companies, we have KoAloha. KoAloha is a family company founded in 1995 by Alvin and Pat Okami alongside their kids, Paul and Allen. KoAloha gets its name from the combination of “kou” and “aloha,” meaning “your love.” Since its inception, KoAloha has since become one of the premier ukulele companies.

The first KoAloha ukulele began as an experiment by Alvin Okami, when he created one the smallest playable ukulele:

Since then, KoAloha has expanded to include the soprano, concert, and tenor sizes as well as unique pieces such as a tenor neck soprano. Aside from their classic Hawaiian Koa ukulele, they have also expanded to include even higher quality models such as their premier red label series, more accessible models such as the Koalana and Opio series, and even unique, one of a kind pieces hand crafted by Alvin “Papaloha” Okami himself.

KoAloha instruments are known for their distinct bold and rich sound. Their ukulele have a characteristic crown shaped headstock and a rounded triangle shaped sound hole. This sound hole is known as the “musubi” shaped sound hole and is designed to provide a more resonant sound. 

If you are looking for a warm, smooth sounding ukulele, I couldn’t recommend KoAloha enough. If you have any questions about KoAloha ukulele (or any ukulele), please let us know!

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