Is ʻUkulele Easy to Learn?

Probably the most common question we get from beginners and newcomers to the world of ʻukulele is whether it's easy to learn or not.

Short answer: yes, for sure.  It's one of the easiest instruments to learn if you've never played music before!  I'll go into detail in this post for those of you who are on the fence about starting this new hobby.  There are a few things that make it one of the easiest instruments to learn.

Low Barrier to Entry

Most people don't take ʻukulele very seriously.  Because of that general attitude toward such a humble instrument, there isn't nearly as much of a potentially pretentious attitude surrounding it.  You don't have to work your way toward playing Bach, Miles Davis, or Snarky Puppy songs.  There's not much of a need to push yourself to learn genres you don't particularly enjoy.  You can obviously do those things, and I would encourage you to, but you are not obligated.  You can set your own path and go down many rabbit holes on your ʻukulele journey.  It's up to you!


Historically, one of the most appealing aspects about ʻukulele is its portability.  It's easy to carry, travel with, and take out in spontaneous moments of inspiration.  Lack of portability and access to one's instrument is one of the most overlooked reasons that people stop playing.  Having an ʻukulele around can certainly change that!  You could carry it everywhere you go (like I used to from middle school until my senior year of college) or set it in a very accessible spot in your bedroom, office, living room, etc.  Again, it's up to you!


One of the saddest reasons that people don't get started playing an instrument is accessibility: people can't afford to buy the instruments they're interested in.  Lots of families can't afford to send their kids to music lessons.  ʻUkulele don't cost as much as many other instruments, and the lower cost doesn't necessarily mean it's bad!  That can't be said for many other instruments.

It's even getting better: there is a company that hand-makes affordable ʻukulele in Hawaiʻi out of laminated wood to keep the price down but still professional-grade craftsmanship.  Mailelei and GCEA are two brands from the Japanese company Mitsuba.  Click here to see their collection we offer.

In short, YES!

It's very easy to learn ʻukulele and you can take it as far as YOU decide!  A great place to start is by taking one of our in-store lesson at the Sheraton Waikīkī Hotel or by going here to watch a similar video lesson that we made.  Feel free to contact us if you need help buying your first ʻukulele--we're happy to help!


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